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I am emailing to thank you for getting me into my new car. I did not think it was possible to get financed, since my credit score was 552. I’ve recently tried to get credit from Best Buy, Apple, Verizon and a few other stores, and all of them turned me down. I really didn’t think I’d be approved for a car, but decided to give it a shot anyway, since the website says you have a high approval rate even for people with bad credit. When I was first told that I had been approved I thought there must be a catch. The next thing I know, I’m signing papers for a Brand New Car. I had hoped, at best, for a used van or truck that had a lot of miles. A brand new SUV was not even a thought that crossed my mind.

I can’t express my thanks enough. A new car? Really? And yet, when I look out at the driveway, there it sits.

I must also tell you that I am very happy with the interest rate you got for me. That was a concern that crossed my mind when you told me I had been approved, because I assumed the rate would be outrageous. It wasn’t.

I don’t know how you do it, but I’m very grateful. I am also excited because if I keep making my payments on time my credit will improve and I’ll stop being denied elsewhere.

Speaking of that… thank you for the advice you gave me on how to improve my score. I fully intend to follow it.

I’m also attaching a photo of my new car, taken up near Shasta Lake, just a little east of Lakehead.

Thanks again! Very, very much!


[Name Removed At Customer Request]

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